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Full name Pete Mitchell
Portrayed by Tom Cruise

Pete "Maverick" Mitchell is a US Navy Pilot, whom Top Gun is centered around. He is a troubled character, and its hinted that the cause is due to his father's death in the Vietnam war. We are led to believe that this incident shaped his life, flying style, and led to his call sign.

Throughout the movie it is acknowledged that Maverick is a excellent pilot, but has a dangerous and reckless flying style. Early scenes in the movie such as Maverick's encounter with an unnamed MIG-28, where he comes from above, canopy to canopy with the enemy pilot are proof of this. This both impresses some characters, and annoys others due to the "danger" Maverick exposes them to.

Maverick's skills are not confined to flying. Early scenes in the movie show Maverick driving a motorcycle at high speeds. He also is quite skilled with the ladies, and manages to establish a relationship with Charlie.

While at TOP GUN he meets Iceman who becomes his rival as well as Hollywood, & Wolfman.

One day during a training excise something goes wrong with Maverick's plane after flying through Iceman's jet wash while chasing Jester. It caused his plane to flame out & then enter a flat spin.While Maverick struggled to get to the ejection seat lever Goose pulls the lever. As Maverick ejects, Goose hits his neck on the canopy, causing him to break his neck, which kills him instantly.

Even though he was cleared of wrongdoing in the accident, Maverick blamed himself over Goose's death. He turns to his mentor & friend of his father Viper for advice, and finds out the truth about what happened to him during the Vietnam War.

While at the TOPGUN graduation he finds that he, Iceman, Hollwood, & Wolfman are needed on the Enterprise. Merlin who was originally Cougar's R.I.O. becomes Maverick's new R.I.O. He & Merlin launch from the Enterprise after Hollywood & Wolfman are shot down. During the dogfight with the migs Maverick is haunted by Goose's death which causes him to briefly disenage. As clings to Goose's dog tags & says "Talk to me Goose!" he reengages in time to save Iceman. He shot down 4 Migs while the others bugged out.

Maverick & Iceman return to the aircraft deck & tell each other they can be each other's wingman. He tells Stinger he wants to be an instructor at TOPGUN.

Years later in 2012 Maverick is a instructor himself and becomes a mentor to a hot shot pilot named Lance "Spider" Webb that reminded him of himself when he was Spider's age.

Both he & Iceman later aid Spider & the Reaper Squadron in their mission to destroy a enemy outpost & rescue Spider's wingman "Deadeye".


Tom Cruise

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