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"MiG-28" - a Navy Topgun F-5 painted black for the movie.

Movie black F-5 peeling paint 1

Three "MiG-28s" fly off the coast near San Diego.

HE-554145 01 lrg-1-

A Concept Image of a MiG-28

In the Opening scenes of Top Gun, Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell and his wingman Cougar squared off against MiG-28s with no NATO reporting name and of unspecified nationality. These were nothing more than actually American Northrop F-5s, painted black for better visibility when filming and to show their ominous status. The nation that flew the MiG-28s was not specified whatsoever in the film but assumed to be the Soviet Union or another Communist state. In the script, American pilots were warned that the MiG-28 was armed with the Exocet, a French-made Anti-ship Missilenot found in the inventory of Soviet forces. In video games licensed from the films, the enemy planes are replaced with real Soviet aircraft, the MiG-29 "Fulcrum".

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